Chi - Ionic Permanent Color

$14.49 $16.49

10B Extra Light Beige Blonde
10G Extra Light Gold Blonde
10N Extra Light Blonde
11A Extra Light Ash Blonde Plus
11I Extra Light Iridescent Blonde Plus
11N Extra Light Blonde Plus
11W Extra Light Warm Blonde Plus
1N Black
2N Natural Black
3N Darkest Brown
4A Dark Ash Brown
4C Dark Copper Brown
4CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Brown
4N Dark Brown
4RB Dark Red Brown
4RR Red Plum
4RV Dark Red Violet
50-10N Extra Light Natural Blonde
50-3R Darkest Natural Red Brown
50-4N Dark Natural Brown
50-4W Dark Natural Warm Brown
50-5N Medium Natural Brown
50-5R Medium Natural Red Brown
50-6N Light Natural Brown
50-6W Light Natural Warm Brown
50-7N Dark Natural Blonde
50-7R Dark Natural Red Blonde
50-8N Medium Natural Blonde
50-8W Medium Natural Warm Blonde
50-9N Light Natural Blonde
50-9R Light Natural Red Blonde
5A Medium Ash Brown
5Aa Medium Ash Ash Brown
5C Medium Copper Brown
5CG Medium Copper Gold Brown
5CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Brown
5G Medium Gold Brown
5N Medium Brown
5RR Red Wine
5RV Medium Red Violet
5W Medium Warm Brown
6A Light Ash Brown
6Aa Light Ash Ash Brown
6B Light Beige Brown
6C Light Copper Brown
6CM Light Chocolate Mocha Brown
6G Light Gold Brown
6N Light Brown
6RB Light Red Brown
6RR Red Crimson
6RV Light Red Violet
6W Light Warm Brown
7A Dark Ash Blonde
7Aa Dark Ash Ash Blonde
7C Dark Copper Blonde
7CG Dark Copper Gold Blonde
7CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Blonde
7G Dark Gold Blonde
7I Dark Iridescent Blonde
7N Dark Blonde
7RB Dark Red Blonde
7RR Red Red
7RV Extra Light Red Violet
7W Dark Warm Blonde
8A Medium Ash Blonde
8AA Medium Ash Ash Blonde
8B Medium Beige Blonde
8C Medium Copper Blonde
8CG Medium Copper Gold Blonde
8CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Blonde
8G Medium Gold Blonde
8N Medium Blonde
8RB Medium Red Blonde
8RR Red Copper
8RV Extra Light Red Violet Plus
8W Medium Warm Blonde
9A Light Ash Blonde
9CG Light Copper Gold Blonde
9G Light Gold Blonde
9I Light Iridescent Blonde
9N Light Blonde
UL-121 Ultra Light Iridescent Blonde
UL-12A Ultra Light Ash Blonde
UL-12N Ultra Light Natural Blonde
UL-13A Ultra Light Pale Ash Blonde
UL-13B Ultra Light Pale Beige Blonde
UL-13N Ultra Light Pale Natural Blonde


CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color provides maximum color penetration deep inside your roots.  The Ionic technology anchors hair dyes deep in your scalp delivering unbelievable radiance, shine, and longevity. This product contains no ammonia.

Please refer to package for ingredients list.

Please follow manufacturer's packaged instructions.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not ingest. Please see package for further warnings.

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