Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner with BondFix


Bright Purple
Bright Red
Deep Blue
Rose Gold


  • Rebuilds hydrogen ionic and disulfide bonds within the structure of the hair for strength and moisture.
  • Penetrates deep into hair fibers to revive regenerate and strengthen fragile bleached hair from the inside-out.
  • Continual bond building with normal use restores hair fiber strength back to virgin hair feel.
  • Bondurance™: Durable conditioning extreme detangling reduces breakage up to five washes.
  • Restores hair to a hydrophobic water-resistant state evening porosity.

Colorditioner with BondFix proprietary technology is the 1st hybrid conditioner & color with built-in bond rebuilder. One application for 3X stronger hair. Continued use at home, makes hair stronger & stronger. Viral Rose Gold Colorditioner adds pastel, rose gold tones to hair while strengthening and conditioning and stops hair color from fading so fast. To achieve vivid, pastel tones, use on hair, pre-lightened white to palest blonde. WHY IT WORKS: BondFix complex, advanced technology, uses the safest, most up-to-date combination of ingredients to strengthen and rehydrate bleached, lightened, highlighted, colored, fragile or dry hair from the inside out. BondFix Complex: advanced technology, rebuilds strengthening bonds differently, with a highly rehydrating conditioning formula. The smaller molecules of the bond-building material penetrate deep into the inner cortex of the hair fiber to strengthen and rebuild bonds. The rehydrating materials (larger molecules), work separately to condition and moisturize, detangle, soften and leave hair shiny and smooth. It strengthens and rebuilds bonds deep within the cortex of the hair fiber. Colorditioner also includes Bondurance Complex: Proprietary technology, delivers durable conditioning, extreme detangling and reduces breakage for up to five washes. Colorditioner restores hair to a virgin-feel, hydrophobic, water-resistant state, reducing porosity. WHAT IT DOES: Color posit: Maintains hair color tones. Achieve more color with multiple applications. Continuous use adds and replenishes color, preventing hair color from looking faded. Semi Temporary Color: The more often you use it, the less temporary it is. Toner: foil highlights, special effects or balayage. Tone Booster: Intensify or change the tone of lightened hair or any vivid or pastel color brands. Maintain all colors and multi-color effects such as pieces, melts, unicorns and mermaids.

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