Anti-Wrinkle Plus Essential Mask

$1.99 $3.00



Anti-Wrinkle Plus Premium Peptide / Amino

For All Skin Types

Made with Ingredients filled with devotion and tradition


Made in Korea


High-enriched Essence to Turn Back Time for your skin

  • Filled with multi peptides that penetrate deep into your skin for revitalization and firming

Healthy, Firm Skin

  • Peptides, those which are the start point for recovery and maintenance of skin, help improve aged skin through cell recovery.

Functional Ingredient to Promote Biosynthesis of ECM and Collagen

  • Widely used as an active factor in anti-aging, it improves and maintains your skin health

Functional Ingredient that works similar to Botox

  • It works like Botox: easy penetration into skin and direct effect on muscle tissues to improve skin elasticity in a short time

How To Use

  • Cleanse your face before application 
  • Apply the mask sheet for 15 ~ 20 minutes
  • Use consistently for superior result  


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