Biotop Quinoa Hair Mask 911




Rescue your hair! This unique mask transforms dry, damaged, lifeless hair that has been damaged by chemical processing, the weather, and the rigors of daily styling. Aromatic oils, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and quinoa oil penetrate the cuticle providing shine and elasticity. Leaves hair soft, shiny, healthy and easy to comb.


911 HAIR MASK is safe for use with all chemical straightening systems including Brazilian + Japanese treatments. Suitable for daily use. Suitable for all hair types. See the difference on your first wash.


Apply to damp hair after shampooing. Distribute evenly from roots to ends. Wait 3 – 5 minutes (For damaged or thick hair wait 5 – 7 minutes) then rinse with lukewarm water. Can used under a heated dryer for extremely damaged hair . Use 2 – 3 times per week.



Quinoa proteins penetrate the hair cuticle and heal the hair shaft from the inside. Super dry/damage? Apply Mask and spend a moment gently massaging the product into your hair. Working the product in helps maximize the effect. In the days and weeks to come, as hair benefits from ongoing treatment, you will experience improved elasticity, less breakage and softer, shiner, truly healthier hair.


This product is intensive but should never leave hair feeling weighed down. If your hair feels heavy after using the Mask, begin with a quarter-sized amount and adjust as necessary.

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